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A Message From Our CEO

 Peter Wagner May 2015



Hello, I am Peter A. Wagner, CEO and President of Evergreen Technologies, Inc.   ETI was created out of my need to make “A Difference.”  To make a difference in the world in which we live, in our habitat, our environment and, most importantly, in your business model.   It was created to give you, the business owner, intelligent, economically feasible and environmentally friendly solutions when addressing your energy needs and consumption.


Our goal as a company, and me personally, is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels as a nation by bringing more cost effective, environmentally safe, sustainable,  energy sources to the market through the use of renewable energy solutions and technologies.


Global warming is a reality.  Top scientists around the world are sounding the alarm over the damage the use of fossil fuels and their byproducts are doing to our environment.  It's undeniable, we see the evidence around us daily, all over the world.  We are beholden to be good stewards of our world , to pass on a livable, sustainable environment to our children and to generations to come.  We are not currently achieving that goal.  Evergreen Technologies, Inc. is committed to helping us as a society find, develop, and bring to market economical, cost effective energy sources that will increase your profitability while helping our country to achieve that commitment to protecting our environment.


Give ETI an opportunity to evaluate your energy needs.  I think you will like what we can do for your bottom line.