About Evergreen Technologies Inc.

ETI is a consulting firm to the renewable energy industry and its potential customers. We bring together a professional team who are technically skilled and competent in their fields, to ensure the best possible outcome in addressing your energy needs. We offer turnkey solutions, using renewable energy alternatives to positively impact your bottom line.

Our Support Resources
  • Manufactures of renewable products and technologies

  • Utility companies focusing on renewables

  • Engineering firms with expertise in the renewable energy area

  • IT firms for industry related software applications

  • Government agencies designed to regulate and inspect renewable installations

  • Banks and financial institutions that are experienced in financing renewable energy projects and the marketing of renewable tax credits

  • Tax consulting firms familiar with the renewable energy industry, regulations and tax codes pertaining to credits 

Why Use Renewable Energy Solutions?
  • Energy Independence

  • Cost effective way to control energy expenditures

  • Clean, dependable, and environmentally friendly

  • Renewable costs are falling

  • Fossil fuel costs are rising

Services Offered Through ETI
  • Economic feasibility studies and evaluations

  • Engineering and needs assessments

  • Full turnkey installation

  • Ongoing service , maintenance and repair of equipment thru approved outsourced firms

  • Continuous monitoring of efficiency and production output of systems with periodic reporting to client

  • Development of project financing options

  • Assistance in securing project financing

ETI’s Target Market
  • Commercial

  • Industrial , both small and large

  • Governments – Local, state and federal

  • Schools and universities

  • Multi-family dwellings